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LaMorinda Holiday Tournament

An official Play For A Stray Dog Rescue Fundraiser! This tournament fundraiser meets 1-day/week (Sundays) for 4-weeks. 

Week 1: Preseason Scrimmages (11/27)
Week 2: Pool Play (12/04)
Week 3: Pool Play: (12/11)
Week 4: Play-Offs (12/18)

Each game day includes an 1-hour practice, followed by two back-to-back games. Families should plan on a 3-hour commitment each day. 
8U (ages 6-8): Practice 10:00am | Game 1: 11:00am | Game 2: 12:00pm
10U (ages 8-10): Practice 10:00am | Game 1: 11:00am | Game 2: 12:00pm
12U (ages 10-12): Practice 1:30pm | Game 1: 2:30pm | Game 2: 3:30pm
14U (ages 12-14): Practice 1:30pm | Game 1: 2:30pm | Game 2: 3:30pm

League Location: All Practices and games are held at Campolindo High-School Football Stadium (300 Moraga Road, Moraga)*

*Location still pending district approval. We will inform families via TeamSnap if we have to change locations due to field rental availability.

Whether you are looking for a positive introduction to the exciting game of Flag Football, or off-season training for the upcoming NextLevel season, the Lamorinda Holiday Tournament is the perfect platform for your child to develop their skills, confidence, and passion, for Football through play! Friend requests and team registration is available. Bring your friends or come make new ones. This league is hosted by Pack Football Club. All Participants receive a hooded Alpha Pack Uniform.

Team Registration: Looking to register a private team for the tournament? Save over 30% with our private team registration: $2,000 - max 12-kids. Private teams must provide their own coaching staff. To register as a team, please complete the Google Doc form below. No payment due now. Once your team registration form has been confirmed and accepted, you will be invoiced via TeamSnap.

Player Registration: Looking to register an individual player to join one of our Free Agent Packs? Register via the links below. Friend requests are accepted and encouraged. All Free Agent Pack's are coached by our professional Pack Football Club coaching staff.

Space is limited for Private and Free Agent teams. Register today!

8U (Ages 6-8)

Registration closes on 11/20/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 11/27/2022 to 12/18/2022

10U (Ages 8-10)

Registration closes on 11/20/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 11/27/2022 to 12/18/2022

12U (Ages 10-12)

Registration closes on 11/20/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 11/27/2022 to 12/18/2022

14U (Ages 12-14)

Registration closes on 11/20/2022 at 12:00 AM
Season Dates: 11/27/2022 to 12/18/2022


Welcome to the Lamorinda Holiday Tournament– Hosted by Pack Football Club & Skyhawks Contra Costa

League Registration:

Register as an individual (free agent) or as a team.

Free Agency Registration Fee: $240. Register via the links above.  Friend requests are available at checkout. Pack Free agency teams are coached by our professional Pack Football Club coaches. 

Team Registration Fee: $2,000 (Max-12 players - Save 30%).  Want to get your team ready for the upcoming NextLevel Season?  Register via the Team Registration Form Link below:  Private teams must supply their own coaching staff.
Team Registration Form - Click Here

Registration expires 11/25 (or when division is full)
Early Bird Special - $20-off free agent registration (expires 7/15)
Late Fee - An additional $20 late fee kicks in on 11/01

All players receive an Alpha Pack Hooded Uniform🔥🔥🔥

League Schedule/Format:

This Tournament League Hybrid consists of 8-games over 4-days. Team's play 2-games every Sunday. Team practice is 1-hour before kick-off. The practice/game time options are listed below.  

  • Week 1 – Preseason Scrimmages: 11/27
  • Week 2 – Tournament Pool Play: 12/04
  • Week 3 – Tournament Pool Play: 12/11
  • Week 4 – Playoffs: 12/18

Each game day includes a 1-hour practice, followed by two back-to-back games. Families should plan on a 3-hour commitment each day. 

  • 8U (ages 6-8): Practice 10:00am | Game 1: 11:00am | Game 2: 12:00pm
  • 10U (ages 8-10): Practice 10:00am | Game 1: 11:00am | Game 2: 12:00pm
  • 12U (ages 10-12): Practice 1:30pm | Game 1: 2:30pm | Game 2: 3:30pm
  • 14U (ages 12-14): Practice 1:30pm | Game 1: 2:30pm | Game 2: 3:30pm

League Location:

All practices/games take place at Campolindo High School Football Stadium (300 Moraga Rd, Moraga)*

*Final location is still pending district approval. We will notify participants if the location changes due to field availability.

There will be 4 fields set-up at Campolindo High-School. You will be able to view which field your child is playing on each week via the TeamSnap Calendar.

Teams and Divisions:

Your child will be placed into 1 of 4 divisions based on age. Example - 8U - stands for 8 and under (ages 6-8). The under has a max of 2-years for most programs. Age cut-off is 01/01/2021.  

Teams will be created based on teammate/friend request. Each team will receive a different color Alpha Pack Uniform. The number of teams in your division are based on the number of registrations. There are 2-team, 3-team, and 4-team division schedules available.

Tournament Schedule:

Week 1 is Preseason scrimmages. Teams will still do 1-hour of practice followed by 2, 45-minute games. Games results will not count towards tournament standings.

Week 2 and 3 is pool play. You will play 2-other teams in your division each week. Results from the 4-game pool play will determine your rank in the play-offs.

Week 4 is the play-offs. The teams will be seeded 1-4 based on pool-play record. Game 1 of the play-offs is 1-seed v. 4-seed and 2-seed v. 3 Seed. Winner from each game will play each other for the Championship. Losers will play in consolation bowl. All 4-teams will play 2-games in the play-offs regardless of W/L result.

Parent Volunteer Coaches:

Pack Football free agent teams will all be coached by a professional Pack Football Club coach. Parents can volunteer to help as assistant coaches or team managers.

There are two ways to sign-up to be a Parent Volunteer Coach:

  • Sign-up online at You can do this as part of your child’s registration process, or by click the volunteer opportunities tab on the website. 
  • E-mail Club Director- Ryan Douglas (aka Coach Dougie) – at [email protected]

Parent Volunteers must provide the following documentation in order to volunteer:

  • COVID Vaccination Card*
  • TB Risk Assessment*
  • National Background Check*
  • Youth Volunteer Waiver and Publicity Release*

*Pack Football Staff will send you documents to complete via e-mail

Pack Staff:

All free agent teams will have a Pack Staff member as their teams head coach. Private teams (teams that register through the team registration link) will provide their own coaches.

There will also be 2 Pack Staff working as officials on each field.

Program Philosophy:

This program was designed for boys and girls of all abilities. Pack Football leagues are designed for:

  • Novice players looking for a positive introduction to the exciting game of Flag Football.
  • Intermediate players looking to take the next step in their flag careers.
  • Advanced players looking for some off-season skill-development training
  • Any kid looking to get outside, get some exercise, and make some new friends.

Our 5 v. 5 games are fast-paced, high-scoring, and focus on developing their skills and confidence through PLAY! These games are as much fun as they are to play! Small roster sizes means maximum action for all players. Your whole family will love it!

This program will get your child ready to take their next step in Football, whether that happens to be tackle or flag. Our knowledgeable staff work with each player to develop their physical skills while teaching them to strategy necessary to showcase those skills in a real game environment. Through our practices and league play, your child will gain a mental and physical competitive advantage on the gridiron. Pack Football Staff and Parent Volunteers work together to ensure a safe, positive and enriching experience for all players. This is not a “Free play/playground ball” league. Players will be coached on both sides of the ball, using real playbooks, to ensure they gain the Skills, Confidence, and Passion to become a better player/person on and off the field. Come experience the Pack Football difference. Bring your friends or come make new ones.

Development Objectives:

Above the Shoulder Development Objectives:

  • Offensive positions and formations
  • How to run an offense using a real playbook and play-calls
  • Offensive team and position specific strategy
  • Defensive positions
  • Defensive zone vs. man concepts
  • Defensive team and position specific strategy
  • How to run a defense using a real playbook and play-calls
  • Teamwork & Problem Solving
  • Sportsmanship & Integrity
  • Leadership & Motivation
  • What it means to be Relentless
  • Confidence & Self Esteem
  • Responsibility to the team
  • Respecting the ROOTS (Rules, Officials, Opponents, Teammates, Self)
  • The ELM Tree Culture (Effort, Learning, Make Mistakes)

Below the Shoulder Development Objectives:

  • Balance and coordination
  • Range of motion and flexibility
  • Fitness and agility
  • Footwork and jumping
  • Power and explosiveness
  • Conditioning and endurance
  • Position specific skill development
  • QB – Throwing technique (upper body and lower), power, accuracy, how to read a defense, progression reads, play-calling, etc.
  • RB – How to take a hand-off, juke moves, elusiveness, catching out of the backfield, reading a defense, etc.
  • WR/TE – Proper catching form, route running, highballing/catching the ball in traffic, run after catch, route concepts, etc.
  • C – Snapping, reading a defense, audibles, route running, etc. – centers are eligible in this league.

What to Bring/Wear:

  • Cleats – Must be rubber soled cleats (metal spikes not allowed). Baseball and Soccer Cleats are fine
  • Football Gloves – Recommended but not required
  • Soft Shell Helmet - Recommended but not required
  • Mouthguard - Recommend but not required
  • Plenty of water – Drinking fountains are turned off and sharing water is not allowed
  • Alpha Pack Hooded Uniform - Hooded and jersey and shorts must be worn during games above any additional clothing.
  • Blanket/Chairs for Spectators – We ask that parent spread out and use a blanket/chairs to create their own household area. Do not bunch up in the bleachers.

Giveaway Items:

All participants will receive:

  • Alpha Pack Hooded Uniform (Jersey & Shorts). These must be worn on game-days

Division champions (1-team/division) receive Pack Football Championship Dog Tags.

Rules and Regulations

We follow NFL Flag 5 v. 5 non-contact rules.  You can view the NFL Flag rulebook via the link below:

Team Culture:

Our team culture is the ELM Tree

  • Effort
  • Learning
  • Make Mistakes

In order to play with the Alpha Pack, everyone must agree to our ELM Tree Team Culture. You are going to make mistakes and you have to be okay with that because we are going to learn from those mistakes. Most importantly we will always give maximum effort.  

Team Life Skills:

The Life Skills that we teach through Football include:

  • Respect, Sportsmanship, Leadership, Confident, Responsibility, Teamwork, and Integrity

The ROOTS of the Game:

Alpha Pack players, coaches, and parents/spectators, always show respect and demonstrate sportsmanship to the ROOTS of the game.  

  • Rules
  • Opponents
  • Officials
  • Teammates
  • Self

Team Rules:

Our Team Rules are simple but closely regulated.  

  • Be Nice
  • Be Safe
  • Have Fun!

Check-In/Out Protocols:

All players are currently marked as Child Check-In/Out, meaning they can check themselves in and out from practice without a parent. If you would like to change your child to PARENT Check-in/out, please e-mail your head coach. PARENT Check-Out players will need to stay on the field with a coach until a parent or authorized adult comes and physically checks them out with a coach. Once again, all players are a CHILD Check-In/Out unless the parents requests they be changed to PARENT.

COVID Protocols:

Covid protocols may change throughout the season based on CDC guidance/protocols. At this time, face coverings are optional for players during practice. All spectators should remain socially distanced on the sideline. All unvaccinated adults must where a face covering at all times. Parents are required to answer the Health Screening questions for their child prior to the start of each practice.

We know that it is tough to know when to keep your child home. What constitutes close contact?  What constitutes a COVID symptoms?

All we ask is the you communicate with us, often and truthfully.

Our General Manager, Lyndsey Park, will make all COVID decisions regarding our team. If you think your child may have been in close contact, or may be showing early signs of symptoms, please contact Lyndsey Park before bringing your child to practice. When is doubt, CALL LYNDSEY! She will let you know whether or not to bring your child to practice:

Lyndsey Park: 

Coaches cannot and will not make COVID related decisions regarding the team. You must contact Lyndsey

Concussion Awareness:

Concussions are possible in all sports, not just TACKLE football. While Flag Football is statistically one of the safer sports, there is still a risk of concussion. Pack Football follows "Heads Up: Concussions in Youth Sports" protocols. The Fact Sheet for Youth Sports Parents can be found via the following link:

If your child has sustained a head injury or is suspect of having sustained a head injury, they cannot Return-To-Play until they have visited a licensed health care professional for evaluation and clearance, AND parents and signed a head injury information/awareness sheet. 

Communication and Contact Information:

All communication for the Alpha Pack Academy will be done via TeamSnap. Make sure you take some time to update your families accounts and add all the numbers/e-mails that you wish to receive our alerts, reminders, and updates.

Club Director, Ryan Douglas (aka Coach Dougie)

General Manager, Lyndsey Park (aka Coach Tweety)


You can mark your child’s availability on the TeamSnap App. We assume all players will be attending each week. If your child is sick, going on vacation, or absent for any reason, please be sure to mark that you will not be attending on the app, or notify your coach. We do not refund for days missed.

Play For A Stray 501c3:

Pack Football Club and Skyhawks Contra Costa are part of the Play For A Stray family. Play For A Stray is a Dual-Purpose public charity with:

  • The Promotion of Youth Athletics
  • The Prevention of Animal Cruelty

A portion of your registration, and 100% of your donations, go to supporting our Dog Rescue Mission. To learn more about our Dog Rescue, and other sports offerings, please visit

Questions? We are here to help:

[email protected]
925.269.7575 (ext 1)

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